5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ras Nene

Ras Nene is a popular Ghanaian actor cum comedian who for some time now has been the most talked about actor in the Nation. Looking at Ras Nene, one might easily say he is one funny celebrity but once you get the chance to learn a little more about him you tend to know he is one simple and serious man who lives normally off cameras.

Facts About Ras Nene

  • Aka Ebenezer Isn’t His Real Name!

Did you know Aka Ebenezer is not the real name of Ras Nene? Ebenezer Antwi is the real name given to the popular actor Ras Nene. The cum comedian used his assumed real name Ackah Ebenezer in a funny YouTube video which later Ghanaians assumed that to be his real name. Born by an Ashanti mother and father, Dr Likee was legally named Ebenezer Antwi.

  • Ebenezer Antwi Has A Child Despite Not Being Married

Ras Nene who is also known as Dr Likee has a child despite him not being married. In an account from the comedian, he had the child when he was on the street and due to economic hardship his baby mama went away with the child. Not him loosing the child entirely, Ebenezer Antwi still keeps in touch with the child and the mother.

  • Ras Nene Became A Drug Addict At Age Nine

Surprisingly, Ras Nene became a drug addict at the age of nine and continued to smoke and do drugs for 25 years. The popular comedian was introduced to drugs by elders from his community at a very young age which made him an addict at exactly age nine. Within his 25 years of drugs, Ras Nene became a big cocaine dealer in Kumasi but from his own statements, he has currently left behind all his drugs.

  • Did You Know Dr Likee Is A Big Christian And Very Prayerful?

Looking at Dr Likee, one might never believe he is a Christian and even very prayerful but to your outta most surprise, Ras Nene is a very good Christian who preaches mostly about Christ even when he is on set shooting videos. In an account made by him in an exclusive interview with Zionfelix, the comedian made it known that he likes praying so much and that helps him to avoid intercourse.

  • Dr Likee Has An Estimated Net Worth of One Million Ghana Cedis?

From street to stardom, from grass to grace, Ebenezer Antwi popularly known in the entertainment fraternity as Ras Nene has an estimated net worth of 500,000 dollars. The popular actor has made so much money out of his funny videos on YouTube and that has enabled him secure a couple of lands for house building and farm making.

From Tafo, a sub town in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi popularly known on cameras as Ras Nene continues to entertain with his funny craft and it’s really applaudable.