Catering Schools In East Legon You Should Explore

If you are around Accra and wondering where you can find catering schools around East Legon then this article is for you. You can find a list of some catering schools in Accra or East Legon. Whether you want to patronize their services or you want learn and get the skills to do your own work.

Catering is one of the most valued skills in society but only a few see it as such. This is because of the fact that we depend on food on daily basis. And we all know how we always want our foods to be tasty.

You have to note though that catering is not all about food but decorations and table setting among others. If you look forward to become a professional caterer in Ghana, you are definitely need to acquire some training from an accredited catering school.

In this article, We have compiled some accredited catering schools located in and around East Legon, Accra,

Some Catering Schools In East Legon, Accra

Cake Tekniks International

Cake Teknik established by by Mrs Jane Addo., is one of the premier catering schools in Ghana with ultra-modern facilities and also with internationally certified culinary staff. The Institution offers courses including

  • Floral Decor
  • Cake Designing
  • Catering and Culinary skills
  • Pastries and Drinks
  • ICT and Computer Studies

Visit the official website at to find out more or to apply.

Call Cake Tekniks International on 0244674545

J’s Cakes & Floral Institute

J’s Cakes seeks to provide world class tuition and training in Cake making and Floral vocations. Enroled students comprise of male and female, young and old regardless of one’s background.  J’s Cakes & Floral Institute can be found at Madina close to East Legon. Their courses are classified by Certificates and Diploma or Advance courses. Also they take orders for all events and occasions.

Visit their official website at and Call on 0302900343

Vinesthy Catering Institute

Vinesthy Catering Institute was established by Mrs Esther Akosua Setsoafia on the 14th November 1992, in Burma Villas, Burma Camp in a Garage. Now it has various branches spread across Accra. The institutions main mission is to train and develop the youth to be competent for the hospitality industry and also to become entrepreneurs and establish their own businesses. The school have certificate coursed for JHS leavers, SHS leavers, graduates and even post-graduates.

Courses offered at Vinesthy Catering Institute are listed below:

  • Cake Decoration and Sugar Crafting
  • Pastry Making
  • Bread Making
  • Special Proficiency Classes
  • Professional Cookery Course And GES Certificate 2 Cookery Courses.
  • Floral Decoration

Above are a few catering school we know are located in and around East Legon as at the time of writing this article..

Here Are Other Catering Schools In Accra Ghana

  • Abset Catering Institute
  • JVEES Cateering & Training
  • HOTCATT (Hotel, Catering & Tourism Training Institute) Hospitality School
  • EKGS Dansoman
  • Naa Suma School
  • The Kings Culinary Institute
  • Dainess Chef School
  • Hakies Floral and Catering Consult.
  • Flair Catering Service
  • Jenny’s Catering School
  • GOfoods Catering and Delivery Service
  • Quans Catering Service
  • G-Del Catering Institute
  • Matma Catering Services
  • Sambet Cake and Decor Training Center
  • Airways Catering Limited
  • Lalilu Training Centre
  • Generational Queens Catering Services and School
  • Cleverland School
  • Eliwils Catering Services