Eddy’s Pizza Menu, Details and How to Order

Edyys Pizza is one of the best joints when it comes to pizza. Among one of the most excellent pizza restaurants in Accra, Find out more about Eddys Pizza’s menu, locations, and contacts.

Eddy’s Pizza restaurant, offers a range of pizza menu options, The restaurant is arguably one of the people’s favorites. The Eddy’s Pizza East Legon branch is one of the best branches to visit. Over the year Eddy’s Pizza East Legon branch has paved its way through the people’s hearts.

The restaurant serves both locals and international tourists with some great homemade pizza. In addition to pizza, Eddy’s Pizza makes sandwiches, rice, hot drinks, cold drinks, milkshakes, desserts, chicken wings, and bread rolls, especially at the restaurant.

The menu items are prepared, either delivered to your door or packed for pick-up at the restaurant. They have bars in their restaurants, which are typically fantastic venues for entertainment.

The branches are typically open from Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., but Sundays are off-limits. Additionally, the peak wait time between 1800 and 2300 is up to 15 minutes. Customers often stay in the restaurant for no longer than an hour.


Eddy’s Pizza Menu Items


1. Steak House (Steak)  GH₵ 65
2. Four Cheese (Margarita)  GH₵ 65
3. Buffalo Chicken (Tender Chicken Breast, Hot Sauce, Green Pepper, Onion)  GH₵ 60
4. Rich Sea  GH₵ 65
5. Margarita (Cheese Pizza)  GH₵ 60
6. Pepperoni (Pepperoni, Cheese)  GH₵ 65
7. Supreme Pepperoni, (Beef, Chicken, Sausage, Green pepper, Onion, Tomato)  GH₵ 60
8. Veggie Lovers (Green pepper, Yellow, Pepper, Red Onion, Tomato, Mushroom, Black Olive)  GH₵ 60
9. Meat LoversJuicy Beef, Chicken, Sausage, Pepperoni  GH₵ 65
10. BBQ ChickenBBQ Chicken, Sausage, Green pepper, Red pepper, Onion  GH₵ 59
11. Philly Steak & Cheese Sliced Steak, Green pepper, Red onion, Mushroom, American cheese  GH₵ 58
12. Tex-Mex (Ground beef, Tomato, Red Onion, Black olive, Hot pepper)  GH₵ 58
13. Chicken Bacon (Bacon, Chicken, Provolone cheese)  GH₵ 60
14. Ten-Topping Pepperoni, (Sausage, Beef, Chicken, Fresh Onion, Fresh tomato, Black Olive, Fresh Red pepper, Fresh Green pepper, Baby Mushroom, Sweet Pineapple, Sweet Corn)  GH₵ 59
15. Tuna, (Green pepper, Onion)  GH₵ 62
16. Extra veggies  GH₵ 20
17. Extra Cheese  GH₵ 25
18. Extra Meat  GH₵ 22
19. Shrimps Pizza  GH₵ 65
20. Old Country Bacon Bits, (Green Pepper, Onion, Mushroom, American Cheese)  GH₵ 60
21. Fruity  GH₵ 60
22. Hawaiian Delight  GH₵ 48



1. Coke 1.5L  GH₵ 40



1. Chocolate MilkshakeChocolate  GH₵ 35
2. Vanilla MilkshakeVanilla  GH₵ 30
3. Strawberry MilkshakeStrawberry  GH₵ 30
4. Caramel MilkshakeCaramel  GH₵ 35
5. Oreo Cookie MilkshakeOreo Cookie  GH₵ 35



1. Chicken Wings (Fried/Grilled)  GH₵ 25
2. Regular (fried and grilled)  GH₵ 25
2. Hot Chicken Wings Hot Wings  GH₵ 25
3. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings Sweet and Spicy  GH₵ 25
4. Barbeque Chicken Wings Barbeque  GH₵ 25



1. French Fries and Grilled Chicken GH₵ 30



1. Jollof rice with Grilled ChickenJollof riceGH₵ 32
2. Fried rice with Grilled ChickenFried riceGH₵ 32


Eddy’s Pizza Contacts

  • Email address: info@eddyspizza.com or sales@eddyspizza.com
  • Website: https://eddyspizza.com


East Legon

  • Physical address: Bawalesshie, East Legon, Accra
  • Telephone number: +233234133397
  • Mobile number: 0284133397

Eddys Pizza, Ring Road 

  • Physical address: Bus Stop Restaurant Building
  • Mobile number: 0544133397 or 026413397
  • Telephone: +233544133397

Eddys Pizza, Spintex Road 

  • Physical address: Along Spintex Road, opposite the Texpo Market
  • Mobile number: 023413397


  • Physical address: Tema, Ghana
  • Phone number: +233235133397

Find out more locations at the website

How To Make Order From Eddy’s Pizza

  1. To place an order from Eddys Pizza, all you need to do is download the Eddy’s Pizza app on your phone and follow the procedure to place an order.
  2. You can also place an order by contacting Eddy’s Pizza Contact number.
  3. Make an order online on the website; Login to their Pizarea website: https://pizarea.com.
  4. Click on your preferred menu and fill out a small form to place an order.
  5. Click on ‘order now.’ an automated message will show Immediately after placing the order.

Under normal circumstances, your order would be ready for delivery within 30 minutes. Remember, you can send any inquiries related to the order through the page.