Facts About AB Crentsil: Networth And Career

Popular Ghanaian highlife legend, Alfred Benjamin Crentsil also known as AB Crentsil has proven himself in the highlife sector of the Ghana music industry, he has to himself so many hits songs and awards.

He has also won several Excellence Awards including the Fontomfrom Evergreen Award, which is a special honour bestowed upon a musician with 15-20 years of continuous music experience.

AB Crentsil has over the years shown a lot of substance and received appreciation and admiration largely for his controversial lyrics.

Junior Alfred Benjamin Crentsil was born in Posten in the 1940s to the late Esi Yaaba and Alfred Benjamin Crentsil Sr. Prior to his father’s passing on 1984, he was always referred to as AB Jr. After that, he adopted the name AB Crentsil without the junior.

He attended Takoradi Methodist Primary and Rev. Cleveland Middle School, respectively, for his elementary and middle school studies.

After passing his middle school exams, AB began working as an electrical apprentice for his father, who was the works superintendent of the technical branch of Ghana Railways in Takoradi.

Music Career

Mr. Thedoh introduced AB to the guitar when they were in middle school. AB developed his guitar skills and began humming along with songs as he played them.

AB was performing with Kwesi Donkor’s Strollers Band while also working as an electrician. He has performed with the Sweet Talks, the El Dorado’s, and now the Ahenfo Band.

AB. Crentsil has 5 albums to his catalogue with over a 100 singles. The albums are;

  • Sweet Talks – 2000
  • Highlife Essential – 1974
  • A.B Crenstil Vol.1 – 2003
  • A.B Crenstil Vol.2 – 2003
  • The Classics – 2001
  • A.B Crenstil “Moses” Song Controversy

The song described sex between a man and a woman with a Biblical story of how God’s intervention through Moses, led the Israelites to freedom at the hands of Pharaoh and crossed the red sea with the ‘magic’ of his stick in Exodus 14:21.

It was widely reported that then-President John Jerry Rawlings banned the song from being played on any radio station across the country.

But from the horse’s own mouth during an interview with UTV’s United Showbiz said the song was never banned.

“The way I composed the song, it wasn’t meant to tarnish anybody’s image. I composed the song just to entertain people. The ban on the song, I didn’t see or hear anyone or institution stating so, but it was the radio stations that decided not to play the song,”

Wife and Kids

A.B Crentsil married a very beautiful woman named Madam Elizabeth Crenstil in the late 80s and they had seven adorable children together.

Networth, Cars And Houses

After a successful music journey, AB. Crentsil earned a better life, a life worth his career. The highlife legend had an estimated net worth to be around $500,000. He has one big house in Accra and two saloon cars.