Foreign License Conversion; Requirements And Overview

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority as part of its mandate is required by law to covert foreign drivers licenses into an acceptable one so users can still play the Ghanaian roads with them.

Any foreign resident or Ghanaian national who holds other nationalities, here in Ghana with a foreign driver’s license must therefore undergo this diligent procedure to ensure the recognition of their foreign licenses in Ghana.

Under what law does the DVLA operate this service?

The DVLA operates under SECTION 55 OF ROAD TRAFFIC ACT, 2004 (ACT 683) of the Ghanaian constitution to carry out the said service. The law states that a driving license issued under the corresponding provisions of any law of force in any other country may be recognized for conversion into a driving license issued under an authorized body. It also states that under such conditions, the licensing Authority may from time to time prescribe procedures to follow.

What must you take seriously about foreign license conversion?

  • No person must use a foreign driver’s license to drive in Ghana
  • Any holder of a foreign driver’s license must convert the license under sections 55 to 57 of Act 683 if the Ghanaian constitution to enable the person to drive in the country
  • A person who goes contrary to this regulation commits an offense and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of not less than twenty-five penalty units and not more than fifty penalty units or to a term of imprisonment of not more than three months or both.

What are the requirements?

For you to be eligible to convert your foreign driver’s license into an acceptable format, you will be required to present the following to the Driver And Vehicle Licensing Authority:

  • Original and photocopy of your valid foreign driver’s license
  • Original and photocopy of your valid passport

Photocopy of resident or and you must note that permits that will expire in 2 months from the date of application will not be accepted

  • Authentication from either the issuing Authority or Embassy of your license in the form of a letter of driving records
  • Introduction letter from either your employer or your spouse in Ghana
  • Photocopy of your  Non-Citizen Registration Card
  • You must be present. No agent is entertained.
  • If you are a Ghanaian national who holds other nationalities, you will be required to show either a Resident permit or a Dual Citizenship Registration Card.
  • All Driving Licenses issued in any other language apart from the English language must be translated into the English language. Only translations from either the Ghana Institute of Languages Trans bureau (show original payment receipt) or the consulate of the Issuing state will be accepted.
  • The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority also reserves the right to request you’re subjected to its full driving test procedures and process.

These are the simple procedures you can follow to diligently ensure your foreign driver’s license is converted for use in Ghana.