Get UBA AfriCard In Ghana – The Ultimate Guide

Here is the Best Way To Get UBA AfriCard in Ghana. You’ve probably heard about UBA prepaid card when you wanted to transact using PayPal or for your online purchases.

What Is UBA AfriCard?

The UBA AfriCard is a visa prepaid card one has to apply at the bank (UBA) and get to make any visa-related transaction either online or through ATM service.

The UBA Africard is known very well for helping bring world-class, customer-driven banking services to the doorsteps of many Ghanaians and Nigerians in the country as it originates from Nigeria.

Do I Need A Bank Account For The AfriCard?

This is a simple No! You do not need to have a bank account with UBA before you can get the Card. You should also keep in mind that, the UBA AfriCard is a better alternative to a bank account since it is not tied to any bank account but can be used on over 1.9 million ATMs and at 30 million Point of Sales (POS) terminals in over 179 countries across the world.

What Do I Need For The UBA AfriCard (Requirements)?

  • Passport pictures
  • Identification Card. (Voter’s I.D, International Passport, Ghana Card, Driver’s License, etc..)
  • Residential Address
  • TIN Number: You can also read on how to get a TIN Number online
  • The amount for the card, that’s GHC27.00

Do I have To Pay For The UBA AfriCard?

Yes please, you need to pay a fee for the processing of the card.  this should be somewhere around  GHC25.00 – GHC30.00 depending on changes made by the bank.  Since it is a prepaid card, the bank charges you a small amount as a fee per transaction.

How To Get UBA AfriCard in Ghana

  1. Go to any UBA branch near you.
  2. Provide the required documents
  3. Fill out a form (Name, Address, phone etc)
  4. Wait for about 30 minutes for your Africard prepaid card

Note: There are 2 types of prepaid cards:

  • Personalized
  • Non-personalized or instant

The personalized card will have your name on it and it will take up to about a week to collect. But the instant card will be issued to you the same day.

Upon receiving your card, you’ll see two 4-digit pins with an instruction manual and the card in the envelope.


You need to Insert in any ATM Machine, activate it, and then change the default PIN to any choice. A 4-digit number

You can now load any amount to wish to deposit onto this prepaid card. This is how you’ll fund your UBA Africard from now on.

You can then go online to activate your UBA Africard. Follow the instruction manual for a step-by-step guide. Very important.

With UBA AfriCard, it comes with online access in which you have a username and a password printed for you to log in every time to check the remaining balance and every transaction done within your account.

All you have to do is follow the basic steps explained above to get your card easily. Thank you for reading this post article, Kindly share if you find it useful.