Ghana Armed Forces Training School

There are two major training schools affiliated to the Ghana Armed Forces where all officers recruited into the  Force get their training. These schools are the Army Recruit Training Centre and the Ghana Military Academy.

What is the military school about?

The Ghana Military Academy is an accredited institution that runs accredited military courses. The academy also trains military officers. It was first established on April 1, 1960, and mandated to break the dependence of Ghana on foreign military academies.

The Ghana Military Academy has since the time of its establishment been the accredited training school that commissions officers into the military force.

What is the history and location of the military school?

The military academy which is located at Teshie in the Greater Accra region dates back to 1953 when the school was ushered out of the Regular Officers Special Training Schools.

The Regular Officers Special Training Schools then trained cadets from countries that were under the then British West African Colonies. These colonies were; Nigeria, The Gold Coast(now Ghana), The Gambia, and Sierra Leone. Military officers who graduated from these schools were sent over to the UK to further their training.

What curriculum does the academy run on?

Only first-degree holders of accredited degrees can now enter the military academy under the revised curriculum of the school. The academy however runs two courses.

These courses are the Regular Career Course (RCC) and the short Service Commission/Special Duties Course.

What is the duration of the training?

The training of students taking the Regular Career Course(RCC) lasts for 15 months while training for cadets under the Commission/Special Duty course lasts for 6 months.

Does the academy run any other form of training?

The academy has also been equipped to run an occasional Special Medical Intake Course to address loopholes in the population of the Armed Forces Medical personnel.

What is the army recruit training school?

The Army Recruit Training School, located at Kordiabe in the Shai Osudoku district is also the military training school for members of lower ranks core in The Ghana Armed Forces. The requirement for getting selected into the training school is to hold at least a WASSCE or an SSCCE certificate with 6 six credit passes including core English and core mathematics.

The schools listed in the article are the affiliate institutions for training in the Ghana military forces.