Ghana Card Registration; Requirements And Processes To Know

The Ghana card is a nationally authorized document that validates a Ghanaian citizen living at home or abroad.

The National Identification Authority is the governmental body in charge of the issuance of the Ghana card. The card which is legally recognized by all institutions in Ghana, makes the conduction of businesses and transactions easy and convenient.

Who qualifies to apply for a Ghana card?

  • A Ghanaian living at home or abroad
  • An  individual holding Ghanaian citizenship alongside that of another country
  • A Ghanaian of all ages dated zero and above

Any of the above-stated persons are eligible to apply for and be registered for a Ghana card regardless of the person’s ability and health conditions.

What documents are required by the NIA?

Where a person wants to register for a Ghana card and is not disabled or incapacitated, the individual must appear at the registration centers in person with either;

  1. A birth certificate
  2. A certificate of acquired citizenship or
  3. A valid passport

What are the processes to follow to register for the card?

  • Step 1

The applicant must be available to provide personal information like

  • Name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Residential address and digital address code

These personal information are given to a Registration Official who will fill them on the application form.

  • Step 2

The registration officer shall also question the applicant’s on information like;

  1. Name of spouse
  2. Father’s full name, hometown/district/region and nationality
  3. Mother’s full name, maiden name, nationality, and hometown/district/region
  4. Name and address of next of Kin
  5. Supplementary Spousal List if with more than one spouse 

Which shall all be filled out on the application form.

  • Step 3

The applicant would then be required to submit the completed applicant form to a Mobile Registration workstation Operator who will enter the personal details into a computer.

  • Step 4

Subsequently, the applicant’s biometrics thus fingerprints, signature, iris, and photograph would be taken. The photograph shall be taken using a camera attached to the mobile registration workstation and the signature, using an electronic signature touchpad.

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After these steps, the applicant will be issued an ID Card Collection Slip/Receipt. The applicant shall need this to collect the Ghana card when it is ready. Therefore, it must be kept well and protected.

The guidelines hinted above shall help a prospective applicant know what the National Identification Authority requires to register a person for a Ghana card.