Ghana Immigration Service: Permits And Visas

Ghana’s visa is an authorization instrument given to enable an individual to travel and be allowed entry into Ghana. It must be noted that a visa is not necessarily a guarantee of entry into Ghana since you’re subject to adhere to other conditions of regularization and fulfillment at the point of entry.

What is the essence of a Ghanaian visa?

Ghana’s visa facilitates and regulates the entry of people by determining their eligibility to enter the country under laid-out immigration laws. It is also to enable a pre-entry check to identify and prevent people considered to national security from entering Ghana.

What law backs the Ghanaian Visa?

The Ghana Immigration Service uses two main constitutional instruments to supervise Ghana’s visa regime. These laws are;

  • IMMIGRATION ACT, 2000, [Act 573]

Who must hold Ghana’s visa before entry into the country?

Where you want to enter Ghana, you must have a valid passport or other travel document and a valid visa except you’re a Ghanaian.

There are however exceptions for the following:

  • Citizens of some countries in West Africa [ECOWAS member states] are exempted from obtaining a visa before entering Ghana
  • Nationals from African Union member states who are not ECOWAS nationals may obtain a visa on arrival after the payment of the required fees

What are the categories of Ghana’s visa?

Visa in Ghana is broadly categorized into two namely

  • Visas issued outside Ghana: they are the visas issued by any of Ghana’s 56 Diplomatic Missions abroad and they can cover single or multiple journeys for periods between Six months to Five years
  • Visas issued in Ghana: they are issued in Ghana and they include Transit Visas, Emergency Entry Visas, Visas on Arrival, and Re-Entry Visas

Requirements for Ghana’s visa application

If you seek to travel to Ghana and need a visa, these are the requirements:

  • You should be a legal resident in the country where Ghana’s Mission is sited
  • Your passport photographs should have been taken not more than three months before the date of submission
  •  You should attach a copy of a return ticket or print-out of travel itinerary
  • You must possess an international certificate of vaccination for Yellow Fever
  •  Your passport must have a validity of at least six (6) months

These are the relevant information to note about Ghana’s visa and permits.