Ghana SIM Self Registration For All Networks In Ghana

The Ghana SIM Self Registration came to ease our stress. I’m sure most of you can bear witness to how stressful it is to stand in long queues, take some precious time from your work, or miss important meetings just to get the SIM cards registered.

The SIM card registration process has been a very tedious one and thanks to the National Communication Authority (NCA) for a great development by introducing a new, convenient, and stress-free way to register our SIM cards.

The introduction of the GH SIM SELF REG  application has made it easy to get our SIM cards registered in the comfort of our homes at any time of the day. Self-registration is here!!

Why should you register your SIM cards?

  • The SIM registration process makes it possible for telecoms and law enforcement agencies to identify mobile phone SIM card owners.
  • Track criminals who use phones for fraudulent activities.
  • Manage incidents such as loss of phone through theft.
  • Ultimately helps service providers know their customers better.

Note: There are punitive measures put in place for citizens who fail to register their SIM cards. Read more about the punitive measures here.

Requirements for the Ghana Sim Self-Registration

  • Android Phone (should have a good camera).
  • Email address.
  • Active SIM card with a data bundle.
  • Your Ghana card.
  • The Unique Code generated after stage one registration using *404#. Dial *400# should you not find your unique code. Works for all networks (i.e MTN, VODAFONE, AT)
  • A number registered for mobile money to make payments.  (Each SIM card costs 5gh for registration).
  • Ghana Digital Address (you can use this to get your digital address).

Steps to Self-Register Your SIM Cards In Ghana.

  • Download the GH SIM SELF REG App from the Google Play Store.
  • Sign up using your Phone number, first name, last name, strong password, and 4-digit PIN.
  • Log in to the application with the details you created and input all information into the appropriate fields provided.
  • Make sure to provide the right number you want to register and the number for the payment.
  • Follow the rest of the prompts to complete the process. Including;
    1. Ghana Card Scan.
    2. Live Selfie.
    3. Capturing Fingerprints.

When you finish, you should get a message congratulating you for successful registration confirming that it was successful.