How To Apply For UG Scholarships

Information on available scholarships and how to apply for UG scholarships are not clearly made public by the university. Therefore many Freshers are always ignorant of the availability of scholarships when they enter the University of Ghana.

The UG Scholarship is a scheme that seeks to provide financial support to needy and brilliant students. The scholarship is available for regular Main Campus Undergraduate students of the University of Ghana.

Here Is How to Apply for UG scholarships

You are required to read the eligibility page and complete the appropriate online form. Submit with all the relevant supporting documentation. You must respond fully to all the questions on the form that apply to you. You may be asked for additional information if corrections are needed. That is if any information/response on your application is not clear.

The next step is an interview with shortlisted applicants. If your application is successful, you will receive written notification from the SFAO describing the kind of financial aid that you have been awarded. The award would be credited to your student account at the University of Ghana.

Financial Aid for Undergraduate Students 

The SFAO is accepting applications from regular Main Campus students for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Please click on the links for more information on how to apply for UG scholarships:

  1. To apply for UG Scholarships for the first time or were unsuccessful with your previous application please complete the online SFAO FORM I (New applicants)
  2. If you have previously been awarded UG Scholarship 2021/2022 or an earlier one from SFAO, then please complete the online SFAO FORM II (Renewal applicants).
  3. If you have any questions you may call the Students Financial Aid Office on 0302-945312/0303-965240/0205-186904/ 0206804077 or send an email to You may also walk in during working hours to make inquiries.