How To Link Ghana Card To GCB Bank Account

People want to know how to link their Ghana card to a GCB Bank account because as mandated by Ghanaian laws, all customers, clients, and business partners of the Ghana Commercial Bank are to update their records with the Ghana Card or face the penalty of losing engagements with their bank accounts.

These risks could be associated with not being able to transact financial businesses using your Ghana Commercial Bank Account. Here is how to link a Ghana Card to a GCB Bank Account through the online means created by the bank. The steps in linking your Ghana card to your GCB account are quite simple and easy.

How To Link Ghana Card To GCB Bank Account

Any account holder at the Ghana Commercial Bank can simply link their Ghana card to their account through the following

  • First, you must visit the GCB curated Ghana Card Link portal which is GCB Bank PLC – Ghana Card Update (
  • You will then have to click on the Link My Card button
  • Afterwards, you must enter your GCB Bank account number and click on the Continue button
  • You must then select an option to receive an Authorization Code either through Email or Phone Number
  • Enter the verification code you received to confirm and authenticate that you are the owner of the account
  • Afterwards, enter the Personal ID Number written on your Ghana Card
  • To end the process, proceed to take a photo of your Ghana Card and upload it to Link Ghana Card To GCB Account

How To Check Ghana Card Linkage Status Of GCB Bank Account

After you have completed the processes on how to link your Ghana card to your GCB Bank account, proceed to check your linkage process you can do that through the following steps

  1. Firstly, you must visit the GCB online linkage portal again using
  2. After opening the website, click on the Ghana Card Linkage Status button
  3. Enter your Ghana Card number and click on the Continue link to Link your Ghana Card To your GCB Account

Urgency Note

Customers, clients, and business partners must take note and appreciate that linking of Ghana card to your bank account is following the Bank of Ghana directive and the Anti-Money Laundering Act that requires all GCB customers to update customer records with their Ghana Card.

Customers of GCB Bank must note that they are not exceptions and hence must the process seriously. They are therefore to update their records with their respective financial institutions with the Ghana Card in line with the notice from the Central Bank of Ghana.

Ghanaian and foreign residents who hold Ghana Commercial Bank accounts must note that the Ghana Card is currently the only identification card to be used to undertake transactions at GCB Bank branches nationwide

These are the steps you can employ to successfully link your Ghana card to your GCB bank account.