Agencies Under Ministry of Arts Tourism and Culture Ghana

The Ministry of Arts Tourism and Culture exists in Ghana to create a conducive environment for sustainable growth and development of Tourism, Arts, and Culture to contribute enormously to the country’s tax base through the effective and efficient use of appropriate policies.

It is also meant to develop and sustain public-private partnerships with the Diaspora for resource mobilization and investment in the country.

Functions of the Ministry of Arts Tourism and Culture?

The Ministry of Arts Tourism and Culture exists to;

  • Formulate policies, plans, and programs through the  promulgation of laws and regulations on tourism, arts, and culture
  • Conduct research into regional and global trends in tourism, arts and culture
  • Develop human resources within the private and public sectors
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other government agencies and development partners
  • Develop policies and programs to link up with Africans including Ghanaians in the diaspora
  • Monitor and evaluate the sector’s performance
  • Formulate policies that can stimulate the investment and foreign exchange required
  • Coordinate, collaborate, and forge closer links with other governmental agencies.

Agencies under the Ministry of Arts Tourism and Culture?

  • Ghana Tourism Authority: it is the body in charge of the regulation of tourism enterprises, facilitating the development of tourist facilities and products, and facilitating human resource development in the tourism industry for both the public and private sectors.
  • Ghana Museums and Monuments Board: this agency is in charge of equipping and managing all material cultural (moveable and immovable) and natural heritage of the nation establishing the National register and keeping inventory of all material cultural (moveable and immovable) and natural heritage of Ghana.
  • National Theatre Of Ghana: this agency is mandated to promote and develop the performing arts in Ghana, formulate criteria and conditions to regulate performance by Ghanaian and international artists and troupes, and assist in formulating an effective export promotion program of works in the performing arts produced in Ghana
  • National Commission on Culture: the agency’s mandate is to recognize all civil society groups, businesses, and corporate organizations in the nation’s culture, and initiate policies and programs for the dissemination of identity, programs, and the spirit of the democratic process into the habits of the Ghanaian people.
  • Ghana Tourism Development Company: the agency is mandated to promote and mobilize resources for investment in tourism undertakings and seek equity participation in joint ventures with Ghanaian
  • W.E.B Du Bois Centre: the agency is mandated to promote the ideals of Pan-Africanism among the Diaspora and continental Africans, foster research and dissemination of knowledge, and promote constructive interaction between Africans and the rest of the world.
  • Bureau of Ghana Languages: it is in charge of writing and publishing books in the fifteen examinable Ghanaian Languages, translating documents from English to Ghanaian Languages and vice versa, and researching the various Ghanaian cultures for preservation in books, films, and other retrievable facilities.

These are the major agencies under Ghana’s Ministry of Arts Tourism and Culture.