MTN Free After 1: Shortcode and Subscription

MTN Free After 1: MTN has always been the most popular network in Ghana because it makes Ghanaians feel at ease when they use the network and because it offers them incredible bargains that they just cannot refuse. They included the MTN Nkomode in their offerings to make the lives of their clients easier, and it was one of the reassuring features (Free After 1 Service).

A Closer look at the MTN free after 1 promo

One of the most intriguing packages that MTN has to offer is called “MTN Free After 1.” After the initial minute of the conversation, it enables all users to take advantage of free calls and text messages. 2018 marked the beginning of offering this service.

With this service, you will only be charged for the first minute of your conversation, and the remaining talk time for the next hour will be provided to you at no additional cost. You will also get 50 MB of data to use for browsing following the call.

The free after 1 new rules

MTN Free After 1: The use of the service is subject to a set of terms and conditions, which are subject to change as time passes. In contrast to the past, when it was exclusively permitted for just MTN to MTN users, consumers may now take advantage of the free after-1 with all networks thanks to the new regulations that have been adopted.

Additionally, you can make calls to any network using the bonus that you have obtained from the airtime that you have purchased.

The new regulation makes the service more accessible, and users may now take advantage of Talktime with their loved ones even when they are connected to a different network. In addition, clients will have free access to 50 megabytes of web space.

How to enjoy the MTN free after 1 service / nkomode

With MTN Free After 1, You get one hour of free talk time to any network, and your account will be debited GHS0.30 for the first minute of each call you make during that free hour. In addition, you have 50 MB of data to use for Internet browsing. In addition, you may utilize your bonus to place calls to all networks.

What is the shortcode for MTN free after 1 service / nkomode?
*550# is the MTN shortcode for the free after 1 service, which is often referred to as the MTN Nkomode.

How To Activate MTN free after 1 service

  • Dial *550#
  • Choose Option 6 at this point (Free After 1).
  • Following that, choose Option 1 (Activate) to begin the activation process for the service.
  • To conclude, select Option 1 once again to make it official.
  • Congrats! You are now a member of the MTN free after 1 service after having successfully subscribed.

Note that you will be charged GHS 0.30 for the first minute of any call you make, but the remainder of the call will be free when you have successfully registered for the free after 1 service.

More Latest MTN TalkTime Plans

  • MTN MashUp Package:  Dial the MTN MashUp code *567#
  • Subscribe to MTN Magic Number: Dial *550# and follow the prompts to activate.
  • MTN Jara: Dial the code *5055# and Select the package you prefer
  • Subscribe to MTN Sunday Special: Dial the short code *5050# ( only on Sundays)
  • MTN Krokrokoo Bundle: Dial *138#, Select 3 “Kokrokoo Bundle” and Choose Buy For Self.