MTN Shortcodes For Services In Ghana

MTN, Ghana is unarguably amongst the most competitive telecommunication giants and Africa as a whole but the experience you encounter when you cannot access their services is very devastating. This encounter may be a result of you not familiarizing yourself with the MTN shortcodes.

You must not be bothered to forget your service codes because MTN, Ghana offers a lot of services and so the list of MTN shortcodes is below.

MTN Shortcodes for Internet Data Bundles

  • *138*1*1# to subscribe to daily bundle. From 20MB – 350MB
  • *138*1*2# to subscribe to the weekly bundle. From 25MB to 500 MB
  • *138*1*3# to subscribe to monthly bundle. From 300MB to 10GB
  • *138*1*4# to subscribe to Internet unlimited bundles
  • *138*1*5# to subscribe to social bundle. For Accessing Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp only
  • *138*16# to subscribe to Youtube bundle. For streaming videos on Youtube
  • *138# to subscribe to Internet Bundles, SMS bundle
  • *135*1# for Data Zone bundles
  • *138*4# for Super saver bundle

MTN Shortcodes for call packages

  • *134*Number# to recharge your MTN airtime scratch card
  • *124# to check your MTN airtime balance
  • *455# for accurate weather forecast
  • *175# to manage your subscriptions. Add or cancel subscriptions
  • *1390# to reserve your number for 2 years
  • 1303 for MTN Radio
  • 30037 for MTN Farm Direct Access the best farming tips
  • *296# for aYo recharge with care
  • *1552# to subscribe WeChat monthly data bundle

MTN Shortcodes for MTN Pay For Me and Borrow

There are times you might be out of airtime and need to place an urgent call, but you cannot recharge your account at that very instance.

While you are on MTN, you can borrow call credit by

  • Dialing *506# 
  • Or by dialing 154 plus the person’s number so the person pays for it

MTN Shortcodes for Number Portability

  • *400# to know if your number is registered
  • *300*20# to subscribe to cool jokes
  • *198# for Me2U Transfer MTN credit
  • *156# to know your MTN contact number
  • *595# to exclude or include yourself from or in mobile money interest payments to your account

Shortcode for MTN Mashup

MTN Pulse, also known as MTN Mashup has been designed by MTN, Ghana to enable their customers to take advantage of

  • Low-cost calls
  • Free WhatsApp
  • Free Facebook
  • Free Twitter
  • Free access to the Wikipedia website

The MTN mashup code is *567# and you can activate mashup by doing the following,

  • Dial *567#
  • Select option 1 to “Proceed to buy bundle”
  • Here you will be presented with more options, if you’re signing for yourself choose;
    Option 1 “Mashup for self”
  • You’ll be presented with MashUp offers. Choose the best option that suits you and enjoy

Shortcode for MTN Nkomode

The shortcode for MTN Nkomode, which is popularly known as Nkomode MTN code is *315#. By dialing the Nkomode MTN code, it means that you want to become a participant and you are ready to compete with other subscribers for promotion.

After subscribing, you are required to make a call for one minute before you will be awarded the MTN free after 1 bonus. However, this one-minute call you make initially will be charged before you’re awarded the bonus. In this case, the bonus means that the participant’s calls to other MTN numbers won’t be charged.

These are the list of MTN shortcodes you can use to access their services across Ghana.