Profile Summary
  • Full Name
    Akwasi Boadi
  • Age
    61 years
  • Date of Birth
    18 November 1962
  • Pace of Birth
    Akyem Ayirebi, Ghana
  • Nationality
  • Education
    • Akyem Ayerebi L/A Primary
    • Akyem Ayerebi L/A Secondary School
  • Profession
  • Marital Status
  • Spouse

    Georgina Johnson

  • Children

    Three Children

  • Father
  • Mother

Akwasi Boadi Akrobeto is one of Ghana's most lauded musicians, Known popularly as an Actor, comedian, TV show host, performer in a stage play, etc. Akrobeto's development is accelerating at an incredible rate.

Akrobeto's scalding satire episodes of sports presentations have become popular on the internet since 2020. He aims to read the sports results of European football games with an overly passionate tone, highlighting well-known teams and players.


Ayirebi, Ofoase Ayirebi constituency, Eastern part of Ghana, is where Akrobeto was born on November 18th, 1962. Starting in primary school at Akyem Ayerebi L/A, he continued to Akyem Ayerebi L/A for secondary school and graduated in 1979.

His passion for comedy and acting, despite his failure to complete the middle school schooling exam, won him widespread acclaim. Among his parents' 11 children, he is the youngest. Sadly, 10 of his siblings have passed away. He had no way of completing his schooling.

Akwasi Boadi Akrobeto's Marriage and Family

Akrobeto Akwasi Boadi is married to Georgina Johnson and the father of their three children.

Career & Achievements

Akwasi Boadi Akrobeto is famous for his comedic act and theatrical performances, but his large nose and lack of self-consciousness about it have made him instantly recognizable. He was living the stress-free life of the "Kumerican Dream."

He's been in the comedy, theater, and TV industries for quite some time, and he's always been a good, honorable guy. Some believe that his recent meteoric ascent to prominence might be traced back to his recent appearance in a journalistic environment reporting on sports news.

The adaptable Akrobeto is no stranger to Ghanaian television, having appeared in 100 or more local  (Kumawood - from Kumasi) productions. Mr. Akwasi Boadi, better known by his stage name Akrobeto, is a multitalented entertainment business professional.

UTV's "The Real News," hosted by Akrobeto, has catapulted him to fame throughout the world, but he didn't always bring such good fortune to our televisions.

He got his start in the entertainment industry with the Kristo Asafo band, with whom he was featured in several stage shows. Throughout the 2000s, Akrobeto was introduced to Ghanaian audiences on the weekly "who is who" episodes and contests of the hugely popular Keysoap Concert Party.

Most Ghanaians found the comedic, dramatic, and theatrical performances of Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo's Kristo Asafo Band to be the highlight of their television viewing.

It all started when Akrobeto's hometown of Akyem Ayerebi hosted the Kristo Asafo Band for one of their musical parties. Then, suddenly, THIS was the opportunity of a lifetime for Akwasi Boadi.

Before he started acting, he spent several years as a member of the Kristo Asafo Band and Concert Party, performing until the band went off the air.

Where else, ‘Kumawood’ of course. Most of the actors, like Agya Koo, Nkommode, etc., became famous for their work in Twi, the indigenous language of Ghana.

His comedic skits have earned him worldwide fame, and we regularly see them featured on CNN and other foreign TV stations, as well as in social media and online articles.

Thanks to the power of compound interest, his audience has grown steadily over time as a result of his consistently high-quality material, and he has received much-deserved acclaim as a result. His performance has gone viral on social media, YouTube, and even whole TV networks.

Even Chelsea FC captain César Azpilicueta had to respond with a video clip demonstrating the proper way to pronounce his name after it was destroyed by Akrobeto. As a result of his enthusiasm, Azpilicueta couldn't help but tweet about the clip, which led to its subsequent widespread distribution.

Radio Arvyla, a popular television program, often finishes each Thursday edition with a humorous video parodying Akrobeto's style of presenting domestic news.

Even the Greek satirical show Radio Arvyla, which routinely features videos of his image and Avragyo appearances in its segment "Top Epikairotitas," has featured sketches satirizing Akrobetis's speech.

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