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  • Full Name
    Stephen Atanga
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Education

    Not Disclosed

  • Profession
  • Net Worth
    Approximately $500,000
  • Marital Status
    Not married
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Don Little is a Ghanaian actor, brand influencer, and Youtuber. The young and energetic actor is adored by his diminutive nature and acting prowess. Don Little came into the limelight with Cow and Chicken an opportunity offered to him by veteran Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face, and has moved on to become an industry top-notch player.

Don Little was born in 1997 in Ghana. His parents gave him away at a very young age due to some early challenges. Don Little's real name has changed over the years. However, he switched to Stephen Atanga in 2018. The decision to take his family name was a sign of moving on after a challenging childhood. He calls himself Stephen Atanga. While details about his schooling are unknown, he has mentioned in several interviews that he is a junior high school graduate.

Don Little House And Cars

Don Little owns himself a self-acquired house and cars. He drives a new Chevrolet car handed to him by his new management and he recently flaunted an Audi Car.

Relationship Status

Since he is a celebrity, people are interested in knowing about Don’s relationships. Is Don Little married? Unfortunately, he is not married. However, he has expressed his appreciation for big women.

According to him, an ideal Don Little wife must be chubby and beautiful. In his recent USA tour, Don reinstated his love for big women through a series of Instagram videos on his official account. However, he has not given his fans a specific time of when he will marry.


Career & Achievements

The actor Don Little has over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube that patronize his content. Most of his contents are comedy and life experiences from his trips to other foreign countries. He was an ambassador for the Ghana-Jamaica homecoming which offered him the opportunity to travel to Jamaica.

Also, he is a content creator on YouTube. Although the monetization on the platform depends on different factors, Don earns from the video views. His channel is also growing faster. Don’s earnings from AdSense will likely contribute up to 50% of his future earnings.

Don Little occasionally earns from influencing gigs, thanks to his huge social media following. Fashion outlets in Accra have used him to reach more clients. Also, major production companies have used Don’s platform to advertise services.

While the influencing industry in Ghana is still unstructured, revenue from these entities contributes to his annual income. When Don Little is not making you happy, he is traveling and exploring the world. His trips in the last two years have given him a different perspective about the world and more importantly, given him a chance to interact with many people.

Don Little's Net Worth

Don Little's net worth is estimated at $500,000. He is regarded as one of the richest diminutive actors and actresses in the country. He makes wealth through acting and YouTube. Like most Ghanaian celebrities, his actual net worth is not available to the public. Also, Don Little's house is a well-kept secret from Ghanaians. However, based on his social media posts and frequent foreign trips, Don is one of the richest comedians in Ghana.

Don Little has multiple revenue streams. His primary source of income is from acting. The film industry in Ghana is bigger, and unlike ten years ago, actors can make a decent living from acting alone. As a talented actor, Don has been part of high-budget movies such as Cow and Chicken.


Don Little is a multi-talented person. However, acting takes centre stage in his life and it is what made him popular. Coming from a difficult background, the actor has managed to carve his way to stardom. Today, he has many fans as evidenced by the massive following on his social media accounts.

Don Little's main sources of income include:

  • Acting 

Don Little started acting in 2011. According to an interview he did with JoyNews, most of the movies were not released. The talented actor was not happy with the production’s house decision not to release the films, and he started looking for alternatives.

Since the Ghanaian movie scene is competitive and requires a lot of investment, Don Little resulted in selling mobile airtime in Accra. However, selling mobile airtime was a blessing in disguise. It was during this time that he met Funny Face. The comedian gave Don a role in the movie, Cow and Chicken.

One of the key factors that made the video successful is the mystery behind Don Little's age. Most people thought he was Funny Face’s child. The experienced comedian/actor was the first celebrity to give Don a chance to appear in a film. Since then, they have worked on different projects as partners.

  • YouTube comedy series

Apart from taking roles in movies, Don Little is a content creator on YouTube. With over 50,000 subscribers, Don is one of the most-watched comedy YouTubers in Ghana. His most-watched video was about his experience working in a gas station in the USA.

Apart from publishing comedy videos, the comedian also uploads videos about his tours. For example, most of the videos in 2020 are about his experiences in the USA as a Ghanaian. His unique perspective is a mixture of comedy and culture shock.

  • Don Little as an influencer

Don Little is one of the most-followed comedians in Ghana. For example, he has over 100,000 followers. Apart from using his platforms to promote his works, Don is an influencer. Most of his influencing gigs are in fashion, film and other related industries.

He also used his social media platforms to promote the Ghana-Jamaica Homecoming Festival. While Don was part of the ambassadorial team, he pushed the festival as an independent influencer.