The Best Banks In Ghana: A Comprehensive List

Here to find a list of best Ghana Banks. Well, banking is an inevitable task in our corporate and financial world. Even as an individual you may find your self using the services of banks. This is why it is crucial to know which bank is best to operate with. Banks are a vital part of the economy as they play several critical roles.

A typical bank offers services for those who are looking to save some money and provide funds for businesses that wish to invest and expand. Banks also provide products and packages that may be of interest to customers. another reason why it’s important to know the list of best Ghana banks.

Basically, the banking sector in Ghana comprises the central bank, commercial banks, development banks, merchant banks, and rural unit banks. The Bank of Ghana, which is the central bank, is responsible for implementing all the monetary policies in the country. In the past years, the Ghanaian banking sector has seen steady growth and now consists of more than 25 private banks as reported by InfoScoope.

A list of the best banks in Ghana to keep your money include:

  1. Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB)
  2. Ecobank Ltd
  3. Access Bank Ltd
  4. Stanbic Bank
  5. Standard Chartered Bank
  6. Fidelity Bank
  7. CAL Bank
  8. Agricultural development Bank (ADB)
  9. Zenith Bank
  10. National Investment Bank (NIB)

This list of best Ghana banks is rated based on customer reviews, popularity and trust. Thus some of the banks deemed to be the best by the Ghanaian people. The definition of best, in this case, is relative since every person has their own opinion. and the best banks in ghana is not limited to the ones listed above. It is also subject to change or update due to the changing criteria.

Detailed List Of Best Ghana Banks

1.GCB (Ghana Commercial Bank): GCB is no doubt the best bank to keep your money in Ghana. It is the safest and most reliable bank in Ghana as at the time of writing this article. GCB is the most prominent local financial institution in Ghana established in 1953. GCB should be the number one on your list of best ghana banks. Ghana Commercial Bank is also the safest bank too operate with in Ghana.

In 2018, GCB was at the number one spot, having the highest share of total industry deposits. In 2019, however, it lost its position to ECOBANK Ghana which had a 13.4% share of total industry deposits. Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) has over 200 ATMs and 160 branches spread out throughout the country. If you are looking for the best bank to keep your money, then look no further. GCB provides the best of services and is also reliable.

Financial report:

Total assets: GH¢14.8 billion (3rd Quarter, 2020), GH¢10 billion (2019), GH¢7 billion (2018).
Operating income: GH¢1.37 billion (3rd Quarter, 2020), GH¢1.57 billion (2019), GH¢1.28 billion (2018).
Profit after tax: GH¢278 million (3rd Quarter, 2020) GH¢ 260 million (2019). GH¢163 million (2018)

2. Ecobank Ghana: I’m sure you have heard about Ecobank, you see their offices almost wherever you go. It is the most popular bank in Ghana and even in some countries in Africa. ECOBANK is a pan-African bank with banking operations existing in 36 African countries.This is why they fall part of the list of best ghana banks They has almost every banking product and service available for their customers. Ecobank operates under a workforce of around 900 people in 53 branches in Ghana.

Financial report:

Total assets: GH¢13.22 billion (2019), GH¢10.45 billion in 2018
Profit after tax: GH¢4.44 million (2019), GH¢3.39 million (2018)

3. Access Bank (Ghana): Access Bank Ghana belongs to the more extensive Access Bank Group based in Lagos, Nigeria. The financial giant has set up shop in other parts of Africa, including East Africa, Central Africa, and West Africa. Access Bank is widely used by the youth. Especially the college age group. They provide reliable service and products that benefits customers very well.

What Is The Biggest Bank In Ghana?

GCB Bank Limited is the largest bank in Ghana in terms of total operating assets and industry deposits. It has around 184 branches.

4. Stanbic Bank (Ghana): Stanbic is one of the top banks in Ghana. When it comes to total assets, Stanbic ranks sixth, making them a part of the list of best Ghana banks. The bank is present in nine out of the ten regions of Ghana. It has more than 20 branches. Stanbic Bank Ghana is a subsidiary of Standard Bank Group South Africa with over 800 employees, and 40 branches across the country.

Financial report:

Total assets: GH¢11.10 billion (3rd Quarter, 2020), GH¢9.29 billion (2019), GH¢6.20 billion (2018).
Total income: GH¢793 million (3rd Quarter, 2020), GH¢974million (2019), GH¢796 million (2018).
Profit after tax: GH¢243 million (3rd Quarter, 2020) GH¢ 281 million (2019). GH¢226 million (2018)

5. Standard Chartered Bank: Standard Chartered Bank has been in operation in the Gold Coast since the late 19th century making it one of the oldest banks in Ghana. It is a subsidiary of the UK-based Standard Chartered PLC. It is one of the best international banks in Ghana.

6. Fidelity Bank: Internet mobile banking and internet of things concept is their hallmark. Number on the list of best Ghana banks and established in 2006, Fidelity Bank has grown to become a leading commercial bank in Ghana. The bank is under the ownership of foreign investors and recorded total assets worth over 1 billion GHS in 2011.

Financial report:

Total assets: GH¢10.86 billion (3rd Quarter, 2020), GH¢10.47 billion (2019), GH¢7.01 billion (2018).
Operating income: GH¢748 million (3rd Quarter, 2020), GH¢902 million (2019), GH¢690 million (2018).
Profit after tax: GH¢200 million (3rd Quarter, 2020) GH¢260 million (2019). GH¢163 million (2018)

7. CAL Bank: CAL Bank, formerly Continental Acceptances Ltd began operations in July of 1990. It is a commercial bank that has been around since. Financial experts and the public consider it one of the leading banks when it comes to innovativeness. As of 2012, CAL Banks boasted customer deposits worth 558 million GHS and total assets valued at 843 million GHS.

Financial report:
Total assets: GH¢7.58 billion (3rd Quarter, 2020), GH¢7.04 billion (2019), GH¢5.41 billion (2018).
Operating income: GH¢486 million (3rd Quarter, 2020), GH¢596million (2019), GH¢519 million (2018).
Profit after tax: GH¢136 million (3rd Quarter, 2020) GH¢ 173 million (2019). GH¢153 million (2018).

What Is The Best Bank In Ghana For savings?

Zenith Bank is one of the top banks in Ghana that is the safest for keeping your money. They have one of the highest rates in the country, and there are no hidden fees.

8. ADB (Agricultural Development Bank): ADB is one of the banks owned by Ghana’s government, which controls slightly over half (52 percent) of the bank’s shares. The bank has been around since 1965 and has its headquarters in the country’s capital city Accra. As of 2011, ADB had assets worth over 684 million dollars under its belt. adding them to the list of best ghana banks. They are a bank you can trust.

9. Zenith Bank: Zenith Bank s a large financial service provider in Nigeria with subsidiaries across Africa and a presence in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Zenith Bank Ghana Limited is a subsidiary of Zenith Bank PLC

Financial report:

Total assets: GH¢7.0 billion (3rd Quarter 2020), GH¢6.6 billion (2019), GH¢5.5 billion (2018)
Revenue: GH¢589 million (3rd Quarter, 2020), GH¢621 million (2019), GH¢570 million
Profit after tax: GH¢304 million (3rd Quarter, 2020) GH¢ 246 million (2019). GH¢185 million (2018).

10. NIB (National Investment Bank): NIB is one of the investment banks in Ghana that specializes in commercial and development banking. By the end of 2011, the bank had 879 million GHS worth of total assets stemming from its 27 branches found in different parts of Ghana. A commercial bank established in 1994. The bank’s headquarters are in the capital city, Accra. It was started in 1996 as a merchant bank, but it received international status in 2011 from the Bank of Ghana.

Finding the perfect banks in Ghana for your needs is the first step towards a great financial future. These banks have changed a lot of lives. You can be one of them. Find a bank you can trust. And make sure you leave your comments below so we can consider your reviews as well.