Six(6) of The Best Resorts In Volta Region

Volta region which is one of the most iconic places in Ghana isn’t blessed with only sight-seeing places but it is also graced with luxurious resorts. Most resorts in the Volta region are ideally placed at pivotal sites that give them remarkable hospitality scenes.

Volta region is amongst the sixteen governmental regions and has Ho as its administrative capital. The region is located at the East of of the world’s largest man-made lake; Volta.

What are the best resorts in Volta Region?

The Volta region is a famous destination for innumerable tourists and visitors. Most of these tourists would normally need resorts to visit. A list of the six best resorts in the Volta region that you can visit are listed below;

  1. The Royal Senchi Resort
  2. Volta Serene Resort
  3. Sogakope Beach Resort
  4. Villa Cisneros Resort
  5. Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm
  6. The Chill River Resort

The Chill River Resort

The Chill River Resort is an all-year sun-drenched holiday property offering

  1. Luxurious services
  2. Private hospitality services
  3. An array of exciting activities

The Chill brings together all of the best amenities in one place. These activities are

  1. Swimming
  2. Kayaking
  3. Riding the waves to the estuary
  4. Exploring the nearby picturesque villages hidden in the mangrove

On the premises, you’ll find a waterfront restaurant and bar with local and international cuisine to choose from. Whether you like to relax and unwind or get your adrenaline level up, The Chill is the perfect destination for any demanding traveler.

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Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm

The Holy Trinity Spa and Health farm is the integrative health and hospitality resort of the acclaimed Holy Trinity Medical Centre in Accra, Ghana. The spa is situated in quiet, beautiful natural surroundings spreading along Ghana’s biggest river; the Volta River.

It has been impressively designed and decorated in calm vegetation green colors and is located exactly at Sogakope.

The spa renders exquisite services in an ambiance where you can reconnect with nature. It has horses, camels, rabbits, birds, crocodiles, and water sports including Boat cruises. Kaya Tours are the newly added services of the spa.

Villa Cisneros Resort

Villa Cisneros Resort and Spa is ranked amongst the best resorts in the volta region. The resort and spa seek to revitalize, refresh and renew the senses of their customers.

It can be discovered in a real, clear, fresh and brilliant environment. The spa helps you to try new things, explore nature and expand your horizons in the calm and serene atmosphere.

Villa Cisneros provides their customers with

  1. Beautiful, carpeted rooms with individual bars.
  2. Plush private bathroom
  3. Executive rooms furnished with satellite and remote-controlled multi-channel TV in all 55
  4. Blossomed in 10 chalets and 30 standard beautiful rooms fitted with private baths, some with tubs with tub/shower combinations.

VC is located at No: 5 Hotel Road, Sogakope, and has gorgeous spacious air-conditioned executive rooms. Some of these can accommodate rollaway beds for a little additional charge.

The Royal Senchi Resort

The Royal Senchi is a 4-star luxury resort at  Senchi Ferry Road, Akosombo, Ghana. It extends over 35 acres of lush greenery with a magnificent view of the Volta River.

They offer a unique blend of fauna, flora, traditional architecture, and modernity of the highest standards. The Royal Senchi is known as West Africa’s most romantic hotel destination.

It is also an ideal venue for business meetings, conferences, and other special events. The hotel has more than 80 rooms and suites. These are designed to take advantage of the refreshing environment of the Senchi River and the commanding views that surround it

They have facilities and services that make business and pleasure a completely convenient and enjoyable experience. Royal Senchi provides a restaurant, bar, and lounge that will cater to your gastronomic needs.

They also allow

  1. The use of our conference venues
  2. Access to a swimming pool,
  3. Entry into their fitness center
  4. Spa and salon services
  5. Playground, and tennis grounds events


Volta Serene Resort

Volta Serene Hotel is amongst the best resorts in the Volta region, and it can be found in the heart of the regional capital, Ho. They provide high-quality accommodations and services for conference guests and delegates, as well as honeymooners and other leisure travelers.

The resort sits atop the picturesque Kabakaba Hill in Ho and their panoramic terraces provide the most magnificent views of the Ho township.

The intimate atmosphere of the hotel gives guests the comforts of a private home with the convenient facilities of a hotel. The resort has 150 apartments that range from a modest Deluxe Room to a fully furnished Three-Bedroom Apartment.

Sogakope Beach Resort

Sogakope Beach Resort provides more than just an elegant beach resort, no wonder it is ranked amongst the topmost resorts in the Volta region. It is situated at Sogakope in the Volta Region of Ghana, and it is set in a rich and tranquil garden with the famous Volta River on its sides.

The workers provide exclusive hospitality indulgence and relaxation. The resort offers a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle in well-designed grounds and facilities with a true African feel yet modern.

These resorts in the Volta region provide the serenity and luxury any world-class hospitality institution can provide, and they are very economical with charges too.