Ghana National Theatre; History and Purpose

The Ghana National Theatre is a historic monument that has hosted several iconic events, art shows, and theatrical acts. It is therefore not surprising when the Ghanaian populous is enthused at the mention of the national theatre. The institution has birthed dramatists and artists. It is hence worthy to know much about them.

The Ghana National Theatre

The Ghana National Theatre is a state institution whose institutional mandate is to become the beacon of the performing arts in Ghana. They seek to achieve this mandate through artistic excellence, partnership, and collaborations, portraying the uniqueness of Ghanaian culture, adapting to fiscal responsibilities, and technology adaptation.

The institution simply wants to make the performing arts the anchor for the preservation, promotion, and development of Ghana’s culture through;

  • Inspiring artistic experiences
  • Nurturing a strong administrative structure and fiscal responsibility
  • Building a healthy and committed staff
  • Engaging and enriching our communities
  • Broadening their audience base
  • Adopting technology for improved services
  • Establishing a communication environment
  • Pursuing an enhanced theatre infrastructure

What is the history of the national theatre?

On 5th July 1989, The Governments of the Republic of Ghana and the People’s Republic of China signed an agreement to construct a national theatre complex which has birthed the current National Theatre, Ghana.

Work on the National Theatre began on 8th March 1990 and was completed on 16th December 1992, commissioned and handed over on 30th December 1992. The Theatre, a building with a complex structure, has a total building area of 11,896 square meters.

The National Theatre began operations with a performance by the three Resident Groups, namely Abibigromma, Dance Ensemble, and the National Symphony Orchestra. This was followed by a performance by a Chinese Cultural Troupe.

The National Theatre was then charged to spearhead the Theatre movement in Ghana and also provide the needed multi-functional venue for concerts, dance, drama and musical performances, screenplays, exhibitions, and special events and was to be friendly to people of all ages and walks of life.

Which group is an affiliate to the Ghana National Theatre?

The Ghana National Theatre has residents group partitioned into categories of dance, drama and music.

Dance Category

The Ghana Dance Ensemble (National Dance Company) is the resident group of the National Theatre. The repertoire of the group includes traditional performances from all sixteen regions in Ghana, contemporary dance pieces, dance drama and dances from all West African countries.

The company often works with guest artists and choreographers in a variety of ways including workshops and performances. In addition to the above they also offer workshops and classes in dance

Music Category

The National Symphony Orchestra is  established resident group under the National Theatre. The resident group has the goal of not only introducing European classical music to Ghana and Africa, but also developing a culture and platform for publishing and performing of Afro-classical music

Drama Category

The Drama Company was established in August 1983 as a Model Repertory Troupe to facilitate teaching, research and experimentation at the University of Ghana, Legon.

It therefore bases its drama concept on an authentic African Theatre Ensemble, its content and technique embrace the enduring characteristics that make indigenous African Theatre. Which is a unique blend of music, dance and dialogue; with a strong social, spiritual and folkloric base.

Where do you locate, contact, and book services of the Ghana National Theatre?

The Ghana National Theatre can be found at the South Liberia Road with Ghana Postal Address:GA-07-3184 and Post Address: P.O.Box GP 198, Accra, Ghana.

You can also contact them on:

  • +233 (0) 555 312 315
  • +233 (0) 302 908 350
  • Facebook: @nationaltheatregh
  • Twitter: @TheatreGh
  • Intsagram: @nationaltheatregh
  • YouTube: National Theatre of Ghana

Anyone looking forward to visiting, booking or contacting the National Theatre, Ghana can find this article useful.