Applying for Australian Citizenship: Easy Steps

For several immigrants whose dream is to acquire Australian citizenship so they can achieve their potential and unlock some life-changing events, you must know how to apply for Australian citizenship.

Almost everyone is aware of the innumerable opportunities one could unlock just by being an Australian citizen. It is quite clear that becoming an Australian citizen normally liberates you from a host of limitations and restrictions.

By being an Australian citizen, you are entitled to

  1. The eligibility to hold an Australian passport
  2. Exercise franchise
  3. Explore work opportunities in the Australian public sector
  4. Enroll in the military,
  5. Enjoy unrestricted travel to Australia and more than a hundred countries
  6. Receive government-funded financial assistance
  7. Hold a high political office in Australia

Eligibility Requirements for Australian citizenship

To qualify for Australian citizenship, you must meet their eligibility requirements which are

  1. Applicants must be permanent residents of Australia for a minimum period of 12 months and must have lived in Australia for a minimum of 9 out of 12 months before the application for citizenship
  2. Applicants must have lived in Australia legally for a minimum of 48 before applying
  3. Applicants are required to have not spent 12 out of those 48 months of their legal residency living outside Australia.
  4. Applicants must match with character requirements.
  5. Applicants must have registered for and passed a citizenship test but can be exempted where the citizenship office gives an exclusion.
  6. Applicants should be 18 years old and over.

What documents are required?

Talking about how to apply for Australian citizenship, an applicant must note that you are to submit documents to support your eligibility claims. Some documents required you to submit are

  1. Official certificates of divorce or marriage, Australian or foreign-issued change of name documents, or an Australian-issued driver’s license,
  2. Page extracts from passports, national identification cards, utility bills, bank statements, Australian passport, visa and travel documents, certificates issued by Australian and foreign law enforcement agents, etc.
  3. Police certificates (original copy)
  4. Scanned original documents (for online application)
  5. Certified copies of required documents (for paper-based applications)
  6. Relevant information and supporting documents

How to Apply for Australian Citizenship

Applying for Australian citizenship is the only opinion for any person who isn’t an Australian either by birth or descent. Citizenship by birth in Australian laws means a status conferred on people born to one or both parents with Australian citizenship or permanent residence status.

Citizenship by descent in the Australian laws is interpreted as citizenship status conferred on people born to Australian citizens outside Australia. There are different ways you can apply for an Australian citizenship, and it can be any of these

  • Immigrant applicants

This is tailored for immigrants who are in Australia for different purposes. Any immigrant who is interested in applying for Australian citizenship must meet several requirements and they are

  1. Acquisition of permanent resident status in Australia
  2. An applicant with permanent residence status must live in Australia for a minimum of 48 months before applying for citizenship
  3. The applicant must also have spent 12 out of 48 months as a permanent resident. An applicant must also have spent less than twelve months outside Australia before applying for citizenship.
  4. Applicants who satisfy residence requirements can proceed with their application, which can be done online. Applicants aged below 60 also have to pass an interview and citizenship test.
  • Applicants from New Zealand

There is also an avenue provided for New Zealanders holding a sub-category of Australian visas. This individual must also be a skilled independent visa (Special Category Visa). New Zealanders who hold this class of visa are eligible to apply after 1 year (supplemented by five years as a visa holder).

Applicants from this category who are successful have the privilege of earning a citizenship status of both Australia and New Zealand. Applicants must however meet general requirements about character.

Applicants who meet the requirements must submit their application through the Department of Home Affairs online portal and must also have the following

  1. A police certificate. This document is required to verify the criminal history of the applicant
  2. A conviction record document from New Zealand.
  3. Proof of residence

When your citizenship application is approved, you will be required to take part in a citizenship ceremony. This citizenship ceremony is the final step to employ in earning your Australian citizenship. At the ceremony, the approved applicant shall sign statutory documents and perform official rites to formally become an Australian citizen.

A certificate is also issued to the approved applicant. At the end of this proceedings, you can now be a legal citizen of Australia and represent Australia in any field required.